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At their meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2021, the Encinitas City Council will consider the approval of a contract for WSP USA Inc. (WSP) to update the City’s Circulation Element, a long-term vision for the movement of people and goods throughout the City. If approved by Council, WSP would begin work and community outreach needed in Spring 2021. 

The agenda and staff report for the meeting will be posted on the City’s website. The meeting will also be streamed live.

What’s a Circulation Element?

The Circulation Element is one of several “elements” or focus areas, included in the City’s General Plan, which serves as the blueprint for growth and development in the Encinitas community. 

The Circulation Element will analyze all the available transportation options today in order to identify a comprehensive network that will serve the community in the future.

The Circulation Element identifies:

  • A safe, efficient, and adequate circulation system that responds to the transportation and infrastructure needs of all modes and users, including drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, transit users, and rail users.
  • The location of existing and future transportation needs within the City.
  • Goals and policies for how people will travel throughout the community in the next 30 years.
  • Strategies to reduce vehicle speed, increase driver attention, and protect vulnerable users on local streets, and to reduce overall vehicle miles traveled and urban sprawl.

Why do we need to update our Circulation Element?

The last comprehensive update of the Circulation Element occurred in 1989.  Since then, Encinitas has grown to a population of nearly 65,000. Thanks to years of thoughtful planning, the City has already invested in transportation improvements needed to make it easier to travel within the community, whether by car or truck, on a bike or on foot.

Over time, transportation needs within the community are changing, and there are now more transportation options within the community. The City must continue to expand transportation options in Encinitas to keep pace with planned growth in the future. As part of this update, the City is looking forward to consolidating progressive policies in its various strategic, community and neighborhood plans, several of which are laid out in the City’s Climate Action Plan (CAP), into one cohesive citywide framework. The City also recently completed several multi-modal transportation plans, collectively known as the Coastal Mobility and Livability Study (CMLS), which included the Rail Corridor Vision Study (RCVS) and the Active Transportation Plan (ATP), both of which have led to implementation plans currently in process.

Process for Circulation Element Update

  • Spring 2021: WSP begins strategic visioning and conducting community outreach
  • Winter 2021: WSP develops draft goals and policies and seeks feedback on the draft element
  • Spring 2022: WSP prepares environmental clearance, presents updated element and seeks feedback
  • Winter 2022: WSP presents final element to City Planning Commission and City Council

Questions? Need More Information?

Contact: Evan Jedynak, Associate Planner at 760-633-2686 or [email protected]

                 Jennifer Gates, Principal Planner at 760-633-2714 or [email protected]