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In Spring 2021, the City of Encinitas began construction of Phase 1 of the Olivenhain Trunk Sewer Improvement Project. The $8 million project, which will make improvements to existing sewer pipelines and manholes, is funded by the Cardiff Sanitation District. The improvements will extend between I-5 and Lone Jack Road along Manchester Avenue and Escondido Creek. Phase 1 will complete improvements within the City of Encinitas right of way. It is currently scheduled to be completed in October 2021.  

“This project will improve the existing sewer line and manholes which have deteriorated over the past 50 years,” said Matt Widelski, senior engineer for the City of Encinitas. “By completing this work, we can protect the system from stormwater runoff, create access for future maintenance, and upgrade the system to handle any necessary future connections.” 


Why is construction needed on the Olivenhain Trunk Sewer? 

The original sewer line was developed in the 1970s, and improvements are necessary so the system can handle the needs of Encinitas today. The entire sewer system runs approximately four miles under city roads, San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy land, County of San Diego land, and private property. The planned upgrades will prevent water from infiltrating the sewer pipeline during heavy rain that can disrupt and overwhelm the wastewater treatment process or cause a sewer spill. 


What improvements will be made to the sewer pipelines and manholes? 

The project will upsize 2,500 feet of sewer pipeline and add linings to 54 manholes. The increase in the size of the sewer line provides the City of Encinitas an opportunity to support new connections in the future, and lining manholes prevents rain runoff from entering the sewer lines. Additionally, the City’s work to obtain easements to complete these upgrades will create new access for ongoing inspections and maintenance.  


What’s the timeline? 

The City is in the early stages of construction on pipelines within the City’s existing right of way. Additional timeline details will be released once necessary easements have been secured. 

April 2021: Construction on City right of way sewer pipelines and City working on easements. 

July 2021: Construction for lining sewer manholes via temporary construction easement begins. 

October 2021: Construction on City right of way sewer pipelines is completed. 

December 2021: Construction for lining sewer manholes via temporary construction easement is completed. 

TBA: Phases 2 and 3 construction will be set once right of way is secured. 



Matt Widelski, Senior Engineer, 760-633-2862 or [email protected]