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At their June 23, 2021 meeting, the Encinitas City Council unanimously voted 5-0 to approve design funding for the “Safety and Mobility Enhancements Along North Coast Highway 101” project and design funding for the next Leucadia Streetscape Segment C construction project between Jupiter Street to Moorgate Road, which includes three roundabouts at Jupiter St., Grandview St. and Bishops Gate Rd.    

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The Leucadia Streetscape project extends from A Street to La Costa Avenue.  It will preserve and revitalize the North Coast Highway 101 corridor, and improve mobility for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. Construction is currently underway on a Leucadia Streetscape project between Marcheta Street and Basil Street (North Segment A).   

The June 23, 2021 action to approve funding for redesign of the Safety and Mobility Enhancements project will allow the City to create continuity through the rest of the Highway 101 corridor.  The project will modify the lane configuration from Basil Street to La Costa Street (Segments B and C) to create one driving lane and a dedicated bike lane in each direction, consistent with the ultimate vision for the corridor.   

“Safety for all modes of transportation is our number one priority,” said Development Services Director Lillian Doherty. “We’re thankful that we can take advantage of this opportunity now to advance the vision of Leucadia Streetscape in a cost-effective way. A dedicated bike lane means safer roads for both drivers and bicyclists.” 

Implementing the ultimate Leucadia Streetscape striping now will bring narrower medians, and may require the relocation of irrigation, removal of landscaping, and removal of some parking spaces. 

The larger Leucadia Streetscape Segment C project will follow the restriping project and construct more comprehensive improvements between Jupiter Street and La Costa Avenue, including new pavement, three roundabouts, wider sidewalks, sidewalk lighting, and new trees.   

Upcoming Milestones 

In fall 2021, the City anticipates bringing the design of the new Safety and Mobility Enhancements striping project to City Council for approval. During this time, the City also expects to hear results from their request for federal funding for Leucadia Streetscape South Segment A between A Street and Marcheta Street. 

In spring 2022, the City looks forward to receiving approval for a loan from the IBank Board of Directors. This State agency offers tax-exempt loans for low-cost infrastructure projects. This loan will partially fund construction of Leucadia Streetscape Segment C improvements from Jupiter Street to Moorgate Road. The City also anticipates that the Safety and Mobility Enhancements Project will begin construction. 

In summer 2022, construction on Leucadia Streetscape’s Phase 1 segment from Marcheta Street to Basil Street is scheduled to be completed. The City also expects to bring forward the final design of Leucadia Streetscape Segment C to City Council in summer 2022. 

Streetscape Funding 

The Leucadia Streetscape project will be funded by a various of sources. Leucadia Streetscape South Segment A from A Street to Marcheta Street has an estimated cost of $4 million and is proposed to be funded by a federal earmark. The current Leucadia Streetscape construction project between Marcheta Street and Basil Street has an estimated construction phase cost of $9 million and is funded by the City’s general fund and SANDAG TransNet funding. The approved Safety and Mobility Enhancements project between Basil Street and La Costa Avenue has a design cost of about $100,000. Funding for construction will be determined once design is completed. Leucadia Streetscape Segment C improvements from Jupiter Street to Moorgate Road is estimated to cost $20 million and is proposed to be funded by the IBank loan, grants and American Recovery Act funding. 

For more information, please visit www.encinitasca.gov/streetscape, call (760) 512-3800 or email [email protected]