Stay informed through various media outlets.                    

Call:                 2-1-1

Listen:             KOGO-AM 600 and Encinitas 1500AM

Consider purchasing a NOAA weather radio.

Having a NOAA Weather Radio or portable radio with batteries will allow you to receive important emergency information from the Emergency Alert System (EAS).  Also, help keep the phones working by using your phone as little as possible.  Do not use the phone to get news or information.  Naturally, when disaster strikes, people want to call to reassure each other but when everyone tries to call at the same time, the phone system is strained to capacity.



The Emergency Digital Information Service (EDIS) delivers official information about emergencies  and disasters to the public and the news media in California. To receive alerts from the Emergency Digital Information Service

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Download:       Lantern Live

The U.S. Department of Energy has recently launched a new App called “Lantern Live.” According to the website, it “allows users to report the operational status of local gas stations, find fuel, and look up power outage maps from local utilities, while also accessing useful tips and guidelines.”

 Free County Emergency App Now Available for Download

 The Encinitas Fire Department urges you to use your Smartphone to stay connected before, during, and after a disaster.

 Visit the San Diego County website for information and to download the free county emergency app.


Volunteer:        Become a CERT member

In 95% of all emergencies, bystanders or victims themselves are the first to provide emergency assistance or perform a rescue.  One way to help first responders, yourself and your neighbors is to participate in the Citizens Corps program and become part of a Community Emergency Response Team, or CERT.  The CERT program trains people in basic disaster response skills, such as fire suppression, urban search and rescue and medical operations, and helps them take a more active role in emergency preparedness.

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