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All of the information provided here recounts the past housing plan efforts by the City related to the Measure T ballot commonly referred to as At Home in Encinitas.

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At Home in Encinitas....

The City's effort to comply with State law and incentivize greater affordability.

The City has begun the work to update its Housing Plan to ensure that we’re prepared to meet the future housing needs of our community.  Visit our project website for basic and up-to-date information about the project.  The following page provides more of the background information - and includes a comprehensive repository of documents for those interested in getting deeper into the details.

Housing Plan Update Status:

After a series of noticed public hearings, the Planning Commission and City Council reviewed all written information, oral testimony from City staff, interested parties, and the public; and considered a series of actions to update and implement the City's 2013-2021 Draft Housing Plan.  This includes the adoption of the Sustainable Mixed Use Places Housing Strategy Map.  In June 2016, City Council adopted City Council Resolution No. 2016-52 and City Council Ordinance 2016-04 comprising the entirety of "At Home in Encinitas," subject to voter approval.  

Learn more about WHY we need to update our Housing Plan by reviewing this @Home in Encinitas Informational Flyer.

You can also view this PowerPoint Presentation to better understand why we need to update our Housing Plan.

The City also put together a Technical Paper (dated March 2015) to help summarize some of the key guidelines that need to be considered when updating a local Housing Plan.

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Key City Council Decisions/Direction

July 27, 2016

City Council Agenda Report - Ballot Measure Submission Resolution
Final Ballot Measure Package Transmittal - City Council Resolution 2016-77

June 22, 2016

Final City Council decision to place the Housing Plan on the November 8, 2016 General Election Ballot.

City Council Agenda Report

June 15, 2016

Public Hearing to consider a series of actions to update and implement the City's Housing Element.  After receiving, reviewing, and considering staff's report and presentation, Planning Commission's recommendation, and oral and written testimony, City Council unanimously voted to approve of the Housing Element and offer it to the voters for their consideration in the 2016 General Election. 

City Council Agenda Report

March 30, 2016

City Council consideration of Housing Plan professional services contracts and necessary funding. Among other things, City Council authorized the City Manager to enter into an agreement for professional ballot proposition
 preparation services, inclusive of strategy and polling, with Cerrell Associates and also authorized the City Attorney to enter into a retainer agreement with Nossaman LLP for special legal counsel experienced in Land Use Initiatives/ Ballot Measures to provide the City with legal counsel regarding the many ballot-related substantive and procedural requirements.

City Council Agenda Report

February 24, 2016

City Council consideration of different options for the final phases of the public engagement process to obtain final public input, preparing the ballot proposition, and informing the voters about the Housing Plan ballot proposition. At their meeting, Council approved three main approaches: 1) retain professional services to help develop overall strategy, which would include scientific surveying (i.e. polling), 2) develop an online parcel map to help inform residents about the location of the Viable Housing Sites, and 3) come back after the map is developed to discuss the how (or if) to develop a video or implement Community Conversations.

City Council Agenda Report

December 16, 2015

City Council consideration of Community Conversations. 

City Council Agenda Report

July 8, 2015

Joint City Council and Planning Commission to review the approach for developing zoning code standards and design guidelines associated with potential viable housing sites.  A review of how the community would be engaged in the second phase of outreach was also presented for consideration.  At their meeting, Planning Commission and City Council members ultimately endorsed the overall methodology and asked the project team to implement several key tasks to make the process more meaningful and easy to understand and participate.

City Council/Planning Commission Agenda Report  

March 11, 2015

Joint City Council and Planning Commission to review the preliminary draft Housing Plan and direct that the draft document be analyzed in the EIR and transmitted to HCD for a substantial compliance determination.  Three items were on the agenda: 1) A Community Based Housing Map Group (CBHMG) presentation, 2) presentation of the draft Housing Element, and 3) Contract award to prepare an EIR.       

City Council/Planning Commission Agenda Report(s) on the CBHMG, Draft Housing Element (Attachments B, C, D1, D2, E & F), and EIR

Comments on Draft Housing Element Programs

February 3, 2015

Joint City Council and Planning Commission to review the results of the input that was collected about the Housing Plan update.  At this joint session meeting, City Council and Planning Commission members received a presentation and report the describes the results of the input provided, including an analysis of what this input suggests for moving forward with updating the Housing Plan.  After much discussion about the Housing Element Update process and input received, City Council endorsed three land use map strategies to study in an Environmental Impact Report. 

City Council/Planning Commission Agenda Report

Public Participation Activities and Results Report and Appendices

January 21, 2015

 City Council meeting to review the process that was conducted to engage the public and seek their input on the Housing Plan update.  At this public meeting, Council members provided feedback on the "At Home in Encinitas" promotion and public information materials, as well as other far-reaching efforts focused on educating the public about the Housing Plan update process.  It was noted that a variety of methods to reach many audiences was utilized.

City Council Agenda Report

September 30, 2014

Joint City Council and Planning Commission to review outreach and display material that will be utilized throughout the engagement period.  At this joint public meeting, Council and Planning Commission members provided feedback on the "At Home in Encinitas" material and requested several changes; however, Council confirmed the general approach and endorsed the format. 

September 17, 2014

At this public meeting, Council endorsed the project schedule and approach to inform and engage the public as the City updates its future housing policies.

City Council Agenda Report

January 15, 2014

At this public hearing, Council adopted a timeline to present the entire Housing Element Update and associated documents and environmental analysis for voter decision in the 2016 General Election.

City Council Agenda Report

September 25, 2013

At this public hearing, Council confirmed the approach to identify candidate sites for rezoning and directed staff to implement a more innovative way to solicit feedback from each community.  Council also confirmed that two land use maps would be presented, one map option that “plans out, not up” and one that “plans up, not out.”

Mapping Strategies Info Sheet

City Council Agenda Report

July 17, 2013

At this public hearing, Council determined that the City’s share of future “housing needs” should not be concentrated in any single community or single area of the City.  Rather, a general dispersed approach is the appropriate methodology for affordable housing unit distribution and any associated rezoning in the City.

Setting a Direction Info Sheet

City Council Agenda Report


Key City Planning Commission Recommendations

*Please note that recent Planning Commission discussions on the Housing Plan Update have occurred during Joint City Council/Planning Commission sessions.  See above.

May 24 and May 26, 2016

Public Hearings for the Commission consideration of the Housing Element update, also known as At Home in Encinitas, along with related conforming and ancillary amendments and the Environmental Assessment/ Program Environmental Impact Report (EIR).  At their meeting, the Planning Commission voted unanimously to recommend that City Council certify the EIR and approve the updated Housing Element, along with all related project components, with suggested edits.  In their deliberation, the Planning Commission recommended approval of the Sustainable Mixed Use Places/Environmentally Superior Alternative land use map

Planning Commission Agenda Report

April 7, 2016

Study Session meeting with the Commission to review changes that have been made to the draft Housing Plan, as well as the letter from HCD making a finding of substantial conformance.  At this meeting, the Planning Commission also reviewed the four mapping strategies. Three of the mapping strategies were developed based on community member feedback and Council member direction, with input from the Planning Commission in 2015. A fourth map was created through the CEQA process, as required to study an environmentally superior alternative.  The fourth map incorporates housing sites that (1) have fewer combined unmitigated/unavoidable impacts than the other three housing strategies; and (2) presents the fewest constraints to future implementation of future housing at those locations. It would incrementally reduce significant impacts.

Planning Commission Agenda Report

March 10, 2016

Study Session meeting with the Commission to review the proposed Zoning Standards and conforming amendments necessary to support At Home in Encinitas.

Planning Commission Agenda Report

February 4, 2016

Study Session meeting with the Commission to review the CEQA process and content/findings of the Draft EIR.

Planning Commission Agenda Report

January 7, 2016

Study Session meeting with the Commission to review the results of the Community Dialogue Sessions and review of the Design Guidelines.

Planning Commission Agenda Report

December 17, 2015

Development of the Study Session format and schedule.

Planning Commission Agenda Report

November 2, 2015

Introduction of the draft zoning standards and design guidelines.

Planning Commission Agenda Report

June 5, 2014

At the June 5th meeting the Planning Commission made recommendations to the City Council on a proposed Vision and Objectives framework to guide the preparation of the Housing Element Update.

Planning Commission Agenda Report



Cerrell Associates - Election Strategy Services

Code Studio - Zone code update

Code Studio Amendment No.1

Hogan Law Firm APC and Goldfarb & Lipman LLP for Special Counsel

MJE - Public engagement and community affairs

MJE Amendment No. 1

Nossaman LLP - Election Law Compliance

Project Budget Summary

RECON - Environmental services

Veronica Tam & Associates - State housing law technical assistance

Veronica Tam & Associates Amendment No.1

Winter and Company - Urban design and community character

Winter and Company Amendment No.1


Important Things to Know

Affordable Homes in Our Neighborhood Brochure (SDHF/SANDAG, 2008) - Snapshot of affordable housing in the region

California's High Housing Costs - Causes and Consequences (LAO, 2015)

Housing Element Law Summary (City of Encinitas, 2011)

Housing Element Progress Report, 2003-2013 (SANDAG, 2015) - Presented to the Regional Planning Committee

I-15 Interregional Partnership Report (2010, SANDAG) - Financial feasibility of workforce housing

May 2016 Ballot Measure Polling - Executive Summary, Presentation, and Report on Results

Myths and Facts about Affordable and High Density Housing (HCD)

Poway, Affordable Housing and Our Quality of Life (UCSD/Poway, 2010) - A study about the impacts/benefit of affordable housing in a community

Regional Needs Assessment Plan and Allocation Process (SANDAG, 2011) - How need is determined and passed on to cities

Regional Transit Oriented Design Strategy - SANDAG

Settlement Agreement with BIA 2015

Technical Assistance Paper (City of Encinitas, 2015) - Understanding the content of State law