Pursuant to California Government Code Section 65759, this Final Environmental Assessment has been prepared to identify the potentially significant environmental effects from the proposed City of Encinitas Draft 2013-2021 Housing Element Update (HEU).  This document is intended to provide public agency decision-makers and the public with an analysis of the HEU’s environmental effects, and identify feasible alternatives and mitigation measures that would avoid or substantially lessen any significant effects. Although the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) does not apply to the proposed HEU, this Environmental Assessment substantially conforms to the required content for a draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) found in State CEQA Guidelines Article 9 (Section 15120 et seq.) and the required content for a Supplemental EIR found in State CEQA Guidelines Section 15163.

Please note, as of 6/18/18, Chapter 9.0 has been updated in the web links for the Environmental Assessment prepared for the Housing Element Update.  On 6/14/18, an obsolete version of Chapter 9.0, "Alternatives to the Proposed Project", was inadvertently posted on the web page; the 6/18/18 update corrects that post.  The corresponding revisions to Chapter 9.0 are reflected on pages 12-28 and 12-29 of the EA's Errata (Chapter 12.0).

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Title Page

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Environmental Setting

Chapter 3: Project Description

Chapter 4: Environmental Analysis

Chapter 5: Other CEQA Considerations

Chapter 6: Growth Inducement

Chapter 7: Cumulative Analysis

Chapter 8: Effects Found Not to be Significant

Chapter 9: Alternatives to the Proposed Project

Chapter 10: Organizations and Persons Consulted

Chapter 11: Document Preparers and Certification

Chapter 12: Errata

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Appendix: Cover

Appendix: Title

Appendix: Table of Contents

Appendix A: Candidate Sites Fact Sheets

Appendix B: Candidate Sites Table

Appendix C: Draft 2013-2021 Housing Element Update

Appendix D: Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Date

Appendix E: Relevant General Plan Policies

Appendix F: General Plan Consistency Analysis

Appendix G: Traffic Impact Study

Appendix H: Candidate Sites Table - "Alternative Candidate Sites" Alternative