All of the information provided here recounts the past housing plan efforts by the City related to the Measure T ballot commonly referred to as At Home in Encinitas. Please visit Housing Plan Update 2018 for current efforts and progress.

The California Environmental Quality Act, otherwise known as CEQA, is a law that requires agencies to identify potential significant impacts of proposed projects, among other things.  In accordance with Public Resources Code Section 30500 et seq., the City released the Draft Environmental Impact Report/Assessment (DEIR) for "At Home in Encinitas" on January 29, 2016.  The DEIR details information about the three different housing strategy maps that were developed through community input, possible ways to minimize their impacts, and reasonable alternatives that would reduce or avoid identified significant effects. The DEIR also evaluates whether "At Home in Encinitas" would cause new or substantially more effects than the build-out of the existing General Plan.

You can view the full DEIR as a single document here - (Complete DEIR document), or by sections:

Cover Page and Title Page

Table of Contents

List of Abbreviated Terms

Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Environmental Setting

Chapter 3: Project Description

Chapter 4.0: Environmental Analysis (links to each section provided below)

Chapter 4.1: Aesthetics

Chapter 4.2: Air Quality

Chapter 4.3: Biological

Chapter 4.4: Cultural Resources

Chapter 4.5: Geology and Soils

Chapter 4.6: Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Chapter 4.7: Hazards and Hazardous Materials

Chapter 4.8: Hydrology and Water Quality

Chapter 4.9: Land Use and Planning

Chapter 4.10: Noise

Chapter 4.11: Population and Housing

Chapter 4.12: Public Services and Facilities

Chapter 4.13: Transportation/Traffic

Chapter 4.14: Utilities

Chapter 5: Significant Unavoidable Environmental Effects/Significant Irreversible Environmental Changes/Energy Conservation

Chapter 6: Growth Inducement

Chapter 7: Cumulative Impacts

Chapter 8: Effects Found Not to be Significant

Chapter 9: Project Alternatives

Chapter 10: References

Chapter 11: Individuals and Agencies Consulted

Chapter 12: Certification


Appendix A1: HCD Review Letter

Appendix A2: NOP and Comments

Appendix B: Housing Site Summaries

Appendix C: Project History

Appendix D: CDS Material

Appendix E: Draft Housing Element

Appendix F1: GP Land Use Designations

Appendix F2: Zoning Standards

Appendix G: Design Guidelines

Appendix H: Conforming and Ancillary Amendments

Appendix I: Photo Survey

Appendix J: Air Quality

Appendix K1: Sensitive Plant Species

Appendix K2: Sensitive Wildlife Species

Appendix K3: Coastal CA Gnatcatcher Guidelines

Appendix K4: Least Bells Vireo Guidelines

Appendix L: GHG

Appendix M: GP Consistency Analysis

Appendix N1: Traffic Impact Study

Appendix N2: Traffic Impact Study Appendices

Appendix O: Noise Modeling

Pursuant to the requirements of the CEQA, the 45-day public review period for the Draft PEIR will be from January 29, 2016, through March 14, 2016. Comments on the DEIR must be made in writing in order to be considered by the City. Comments must be submitted to the City by 6:00 p.m. on March 14, 2016.