All of the information provided here recounts the past housing plan efforts by the City related to the Measure T ballot commonly referred to as At Home in Encinitas. Please visit Housing Plan Update 2018 for current efforts and progress.

2013-2021 Housing Element (State Clearinghouse No. 2015041044)
May 12, 2016

City Council Resolution No. 2016-51



Responses to Comments


Table of Contents

List of Abbreviated Terms

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Environmental Setting

Chapter 3 Project Description

Chapter 4 Environmental Analysis

4.1 Aesthetics

4.2 Air Quality

4.3 Biological Resources

4.4 Cultural Resources

4.5 Geology and Soils

4.6 Greenhouse Gas

4.7 Hazardous Materials

4.8 Hydrology and Water Quality

4.9 Land Use and Planning

4.10 Noise

4.11 Population and Housing

4.12 Public Services and Facilities

4.13 Transportation-Traffic

4.14 Public Utilities

Chapter 5 Significant Unavoidable-Irreversible Changes

Chapter 6 Growth Inducement

Chapter 7 Cumulative Impacts

Chapter 8 Effects Found Not to be Significant

Chapter 9 Project Alternatives

Chapter 10 References Cited

Chapter 11 Individuals and Agencies Consulted

Chapter 12 Certification

Chapter 13 Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program (see City Council Resolution No. 2016-51, above)

Findings of Fact (see City Council Resolution No. 2016-51, above)


Appendix A: HCD Review Letter

Appendix A-2: NOP and Comments

Appendix B: Housing Site Summaries - Revised

Appendix C: Project History

Appendix D: E-Town Hall - Community Dialogue Session Materials - Housing Strategies

Appendix E: Draft Housing Element

Appendix F-1: General Plan Land Use Designation - Revised

Appendix F-2: Zoning Standards - Revised

Appendix G: Proposed Design Guidelines

Appendix H: Conforming and Ancillary GP and MC Amendments - Revised

Appendix I: Photo Survey

Appendix J: Air Quality

Appendix K-1: Sensitive Plant Species

Appendix K-2: Sensitive Wildlife Species

Appendix K-3: Coastal California Gnatcatcher Guidelines

Appendix K-4: Least Bells Vireo Guidelines

Appendix L-1: Greenhouse Gas Methodology and Modeling - Revised

Appendix L-2: GHG Supplemental Info

Appendix M - General Plan Consistency Analysis - Revised

Appendix N: Traffic Impact Study Appendices

Appendix N: Traffic Impact Study - Revised

Appendix O: Noise - Revised

Appendix P: SMUP Technical Report - Appendices

Appendix P: SMUP Technical Report

Appendix Q: New Zoning