All of the information provided here recounts the past housing plan efforts by the City related to the Measure T ballot commonly referred to as At Home in Encinitas. Please visit Housing Plan Update 2018 for current efforts and progress.

Housing Plan: Participation Activities and Results
January 2015

The goal of the Public Participation Plan is to obtain feedback from the public early in the process and to use this input to develop a plan that includes community supported solutions. This brochure provides a background of the housing plan, describes the public outreach process and presents the results of these community dialogue sessions.

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Table of Contents

Appendix A: Sources for Facts

Appendix B: Public Participation Plan

Appendix C: Website Screenshot

Appendix D: Informational Materials

Appendix E: List of Public Presentations

Appendix F: List of Events Attended

Appendix G: List of Media Coverage

Appendix H: Community Dialogue Sessions

Appendix I: e-Town Hall Registration, Utility and Function Overview

Appendix J: Viable Housing Site Fact Sheets and new Alternative Housing Site Fact Sheets

Appendix K: Ready-Made e-Town Hall Community Comments

Appendix L: Build-Your-Own e-Town Hall Community Comments

Appendix M: Community Character Description e-Town Hall Comments

Appendix N: Written comments outside e-Town Hall

Appendix O: Ready-Made Results Map

Appendix P: Build-Your-Own Results Map

Appendix Q: Cumulative Rankings Map