A disabled space violation may be dismissed with a $25.00 administrative fee, if the registered placard owner can provide the City with the following documents:

  • Valid Handicap Placard
  • Valid DMV Placard Registration/Receipt
  • Valid State Driver’s License or State Identification card
  • Original Citation or Courtesy Notice

NOTE: Handicap placards and/or placard registrations that have been issued after the date of the original citation will not be considered valid and the violation will be upheld for the original bail amount.

All relevant documents must be received within (21) calendar days of the date of the original citation or within (14) calendar days of the courtesy notice. Documents and/or an administrative fee received after (21) calendar days from the date of the citation or (14) calendar days from the date of the courtesy notice may result in double fees of the original violation amount. A lien hold may also be placed on the responsible party’s DMV registration and will prevent the responsible party from registering or reregistering his/her vehicle(s).


Per California Vehicle Code (CVC) 4461 and (CVC) 4463 - It is illegal to:

  • Lend a Disabled Person’s Placard to another person
  • Use someone else’s Disabled Person’s Placard
  • Possess or display an altered, counterfeit, forged, or falsified  placard
  • Alter, counterfeit, forge, or falsify a placard identification card
  • Provide false information to obtain a Disabled Person’s Placard

Misuse or abuse of a disabled placard is a misdemeanor and is punishable by a minimum fine of $250 or higher and/or imprisonment. Per California Vehicle Code (CVC) 22511.6, disabled person’s placard may be cancelled or revoked if found to be unlawfully used or possessed.

If you are aware of Disabled Placards being unlawfully or fraudulently used and would like to make a report, please contact the California Department of Motor Vehicles Investigation office in San Diego via phone at (858) 627-3951 or via fax at (858) 627-3957.