To Contest An Initial Review Decision (Second Appeal)

NOTE: If an administrative hearing is requested, the original penalty amount MUST be paid (including any late fees), before the hearing request can be processed.

If you are not satisfied with the results of the Initial Review, you may request an Administrative Hearing with a neutral hearing examiner. Hearing requests MUST be received by the City within (21) calendar days of date of the Initial Review Decision. Requests received after (21) calendar days will NOT be reviewed.

To request a hearing, complete the Parking Citation Administrative Hearing Request and mail it with full payment to the City of Encinitas, Attn: Parking Citations, 505 S Vulcan Avenue, Encinitas, CA 92024.

Administrative hearings for parking citations are offered every third Tuesday of the month between the hours of 1:00PM-5:30PM at City Hall.

The City offers the following types of administrative hearings for parking citations:

  • Review by Personal (or) Telephone Conference
  • Appellants are allotted 30 minutes with a hearing officer to discuss the relevant citation.
  • Personal (or) Telephone Conferences are scheduled by the City and a notification letter is mailed out to the requesting party, stipulating the date, time and location of the hearing.
  • Failure to appear for a scheduled personal hearing or failure to call in for a scheduled phone hearing results in a waiver of the appellant’s right to review and forfeiture to continue the appeal process.
  • Determination By Mail
  • A hearing examiner will review the entire appeal file, including the citation, initial appeal form, initial review decision by the parking adjudicator, and any other relevant documentation submitted by either the appellant or the issuing officer to determine if the citation is valid or can be dismissed.

If the citation is determined to be INVALID, an examiner disposition letter will be mailed to the appellant, the citation will be dismissed and the penalty amount will be refunded. No further action will be required by the responsible party.

If the citation is determined to be VALID, an examiner disposition letter will be mailed to the appellant. If the appellant still wishes to contest the citation, he/she may request a court hearing with the Appellate Division of the Superior Court (North County Regional Center).

**If you do not receive an Administrative Hearing Examiner Disposition letter via mail or email after (2) weeks of the hearing, please call (760) 943-2299. Our office is not responsible for US mail lost or deemed undeliverable.**