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Community Meetings & Workshops

There are currently no community meetings scheduled for CIP

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Environmental Notices

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CIP Project Citizen Participation Program (CPP) Meeting Notices

CPP notices are posted to make the public aware of upcoming neighborhood meetings. The purpose of the CPP is to be a preliminary tool for opening a dialogue and to ensure that project applicants and citizens have an opportunity in the planning process to discuss, understand, and try to resolve issues related to potential neighborhood impacts of a proposed project. it is not meant to necessarily change or prevent a project as proposed. questions about the notice and proposed project should be directed to the contact person listed on the notice. for questions related to the CPP meeting, contact the CIP Division citizen participation program coordinator, Brandi Lewis at (760) 633-2774 or [email protected]

Upcoming CPP Meetings: 
There are currently no CIP CPP meetings scheduled at this time. 

Previously-held CPP Meetings:  

North Coast Highway 101 Drainage Improvement Project (Held Tuesday, January 19, 2021)
North Coast Highway 101 between Basil St. and Leucadia Blvd.      Case Nos. cdpnf-4271-2020/cpp-004272-2020   
project info      notice      spanish notice      radius map

recorded cpp meeting
approved final cpp report
marine biology technical study
paleontological technical study
water quality memorandum

Santa Fe Drive Improvements (held Thursday, March 25, 2021)
Santa Fe Drive between Interstate 5 and El Camino Real   Case Nos. multi-4417-2021; dr-4418-2021; cdpnf-4419-2021; and cpp-4420-2021    
project info      notice      spanish notice     plans      recorded cpp meeting     powerpoint presentation      approved final cpp report

Birmingham Streetscape (Held Monday, April 19, 2021)
Birmingham Drive, between San Elijo Road and Carol View Drive    Case nos. multi-2718-2017, cdp-2719-2018; dr-4386-2021 (17-238 dr/cpp)      
project info       project exhibits    recorded cpp meeting      approved final cpp report

Verdi Pedestrian Undercrossing (Held Wednesday, June 2, 2021)
San Elijo Ave. between Liszt Ave and Verdi Ave. Pedestrian Rail Crossing  Case nos.    multi-3985-2020; dr-3986-2020; cdpnf-3987-2020; cpp-3988-2020 (18-094 dr/cdp)     
 project info     recorded cpp meeting      approved final cpp report 

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 (comment period ended november 3,  2021)
Santa Fe Drive Improvements
Santa Fe drive between Interstate 5 and El Camino Real   Case nos. multi-4417-2021; dr-4418-2021; cdpnf-4419-2021; and cpp-4420-2021    
project info      notice      spanish notice   

B Street Sewer Main Improvements Streets Project (Held Tuesday, November 30, 2021)
B Street Sewer Improvements Project, B Street, between 3rd Street and 4th Street   Case Nos. cdp-004916-2021 and cpp-004963-2021
project info    project exhibit   notice   spanish notice   approved final cpp report

S. Coast Highway 101 to Solana Beach Sidewalk Improvements (Held Tuesday, February 28, 2022)
west side of s.coast highway 101 between s. cardiff state beach parking lot and city limit boundary to solana beach      case nos. use-5157-2022 and cpp-5167-2022      
project info

Beacon's Beach Parking Lot Improvements (Held Tuesday, March 22, 2022)
948 Neptune Avenue     Case Nos. multi-5151-2022, use 5152-2022, cdpnf-5152-2022, and cpp-5148-2022
project info     notice      spanish notice      fact sheet    powerpoint 

Lake Drive Drainage Improvements (Held Monday, April 25, 2022)
Northeast corner of APN 261-150-69-00 at the Southern end of Lake Drive.   Case no. cpp-5276-2022      
project info      notice      spanish     notice     powerpoint presentation