Proud of your water-efficient landscape? Would you like to be recognized for your work in support of water conservation and neighborhood beautification? This annual competition rewards drought-tolerant landscapes created or commissioned by customers of numerous San Diego County water agencies. For more information, please visit 

2019 WaterSmart Landscape Contest

San Dieguito Water District's 2018 WaterSmart Landscape Contest Winners:

1st Place- Harve and Letty Meskin

When the Meskins moved into their new house, the yard was a blank canvas. In the midst of the drought in April of 2015, they chose to install a low-water-use landscape to save water and keep their bills low.  The design, by Steve McDearmon of Garden Rhythms, incorporates a good mixture of colors and blooms, so there is always something interesting going on through every season. There is a rocky dry stream bed which gives movement to the design, and the large boulders add to the multi-leveled texture of the landscape. Harve and Letty incorporated drip and rotating sprinkler heads. They signed up for a free WaterSmart Checkup in August of 2017 and adjusted the irrigation schedule down to one or two times per week depending on the plant material. The Meskins are very happy with their low maintenance, WaterSmart landscape and are hopeful their design will inspire others.


2nd Place- Anna Pierpan

Anna and family purchased their home in 2010 after moving here from New Mexico.  The original landscape at her new home consisted of nothing but grass, palms, and an olive tree.  She is fond of a dryer landscape and prefers one that incorporates native and low-water-use plants.  To start on the new landscape, she first removed the grass and replaced the front with a natural “meadow” and the back with decomposed granite and artificial turf. Anna slowly added some native plants, lavender, and foxtail agaves that a neighbor was removing from his yard. Almost all other plants in Anna’s yard have been given to her by neighbors, and those plants produced plantlets that she then added to her landscape. As she is now out of space for new plants, Anna pays it forward and leaves free plant cuttings out front for others to use in their landscapes. Anna has been able to create a very lush looking and self-sustaining landscape with minimal effort and water use. She currently only irrigates the meadow once a week or less depending on rain. Drip irrigation is installed for other plants, but it is rarely used as the plants are now well-established and there is daily fog at her home. She receives many compliments on her landscape and has inspired others to follow suit. Anna believes it is our duty to respect water and use it wisely.  She has tried to create many outdoor spaces in front and back, and this helps her and her family enjoy the outdoors and really live in the landscape, not just pass through it.


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