SF Installation 12

Encinitas Up Close

The City of Encinitas funded a public art project to create 53 mosaic panels for permanent installation at the redesigned Santa Fe Drive undercrossing as part of the Caltrans and SANDAG Build NCC project. The mosaics were created by Encinitas high school and college students and adult artists. Interested artists submitted applications that were evaluated by the Commission for the Arts and approved by the City Council. The new public art installation reflects the culture of the five communities of Encinitas. With the theme “Encinitas Up Close,” the mosaics depict local flora and fauna, including people, abstract or representational in form, and are dynamic and distinguishable from a distance. The mosaic panels, 3’ x 5’ in size, were designed for the north and south walls of the bike and pedestrian lanes to enhance the use by the public. Frames for the mosaics were inset into the undercrossing walls to give the sense of an outdoor art exhibition.

Click here for photo's of the installation process, with thanks to Level One Art Installation.

Encinitas Public Art Collection 

Encinitas is home to a vibrant community of artists who work in all media, including public art. there is an abundance of public art in city parks, buildings, schools, along roadways, and on private property.