Encinitas is striving to achieve zero waste. Zero waste is a materials management approach that first prevents waste and then establishes reuse and recycling policies, programs, and infrastructure for all materials entering the community. The goal is to send the least amount of waste to the landfill by ensuring that resources are used efficiently without waste and excess burden on the environment.

Food Waste Recycling Virtual Forum 

The City of Encinitas and Solana Center hosted a virtual forum for commercial food waste generators to learn more about:  

  • The new state law (SB 1383) on food waste collection and how it affects your business
  • The new organics recycling program rollout and related rates
  • Resources to guide with organics sorting and recycling 

Watch the Webinar Recording

Commercial Food Waste Generator Resource Guide

Event Flyer

How does Encinitas get to zero waste?

The Encinitas City Council adopted a Climate Action Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions which includes the implementation of a Citywide zero waste program. Through the CAP strategy, the City’s goal is to reduce residents’ waste generation to 5.3 pounds per person per day (lbs./person/day) by 2020 and 3.0 lbs./person/day by 2030. Achieving this goal depends on the expansion of recycling and organics recycling programs and participation from residents and businesses to reduce waste and increase diversion.

Track the City’s progress on its zero waste goals on the Climate Dashboard website.

Check out these printable resource guides! 

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Preventing Food Waste in Your Home Kitchen 

Steps to Being a Zero Waste Consumer Guide 

"Green Wednesday" Webinar Series

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The City of Encinitas prides itself in being at the forefront of sustainability. The City is putting out the call to residents and businesses - help Encinitas waste less from land to sea! To learn more, check out the “Green Wednesday” webinar series! Topics will cover how to create a more zero-waste lifestyle, tips to reduce food waste, and an introduction to composting. 

Past webinars: (contact [email protected] for the recording)

What is the City doing?

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Here at the City, staff actively reduce the waste generated by daily office activities. The Employee Green Guide is a comprehensive resource to help staff make the most sustainable, economical decisions throughout their work day. City Hall, Public Works, and the Community and Senior Center have composting programs run by staff volunteers to divert food waste and paper towels from the landfill. Detailed signage is placed at waste receptacles throughout City facilities to ensure proper recycling practices and maximum diversion from the landfill. In February 2020, staff were offered a zero-waste educational workshop over lunch. Despite these achievements, there is always room for improvement and the City of Encinitas will continue to strive each day to reduce the waste footprint of municipal operations!