Recycling supports our healthy community by conserving finite resources, which reduces harmful greenhouse gases and lessens the demand on local landfills.

Learn from the Recycling at Diegueño (RAD) Middle School Team about how to be a part of the recycling solution!



Residential Recycling Survey

Encinitas residents, we need your input! Please take a few minutes to complete our recycling survey to help identify areas of improvement and gauge knowledge of recycling practices and participation throughout the community. Entries can be submitted anonymously or include your email to be entered into a raffle to win a zero waste starter kit prize. Thank you for taking the time to help keep Encinitas green! 

What's Recyclable in Encinitas?


Encinitas Recycling Facilities

City of Encinitas Recycling at a Glance - PDF


Plastic Bag Recycling 

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Plastic bags and any soft, flimsy plastic cannot be placed in the blue recycling bin because they clog the machines at recycling facilities. This also includes large plastic garbage bags. Recyclable items should be un-bagged and loose in the bin.

Residents can recycle plastic bags by dropping them off at one of the many locations in Encinitas while completing usual errands. Locations that offer plastic bag recycling drop-off bins out front of or inside their facility include: Rite Aid Pharmacy (Santa Fe Dr. and Manchester Ave.), CVS (El Camino Real), and Ralphs (El Camino Real). Please contact the business prior to arrival to verify that they are currently accepting plastic bags. 

If residents do not wish to recycle plastic bags they should dispose of them in the gray trash bins.

Plastic Bag Recycling Locations 

Take-Out Recycling

Take-Out Recycling_INSTA

Multi-Family Property Recycling

Check out the Multi-Family Property Recycling Guide, a checklist for property owners and managers to implement a recycling program. Use the checklist to help you navigate the resources below and support tenants in recycling right.

Multi-Family Property Recycling Guide (Checklist)

Mandatory Commercial and Multi-Family Recycling

California state law AB 341 requires that commercial enterprises which generate four cubic yards or more of solid waste weekly participate in recycling programs. This requirement also includes multi-family housing complexes of five units or more, regardless of the amount of solid waste generated each week. EDCO, the City’s waste hauler, offers commercial recycling services throughout Encinitas. EDCO representatives will establish recycling services that meet any organizations needs for a reasonable monthly cost. Establishing recycling programs may help lower total costs for waste collection services because recycling service fees are substantially lower than waste collection fees.

EDCO Commercial and Multi-Family Recycling Services

Event Recycling

Planning an event? The City of Encinitas is happy to loan Clearstream recycling containers to organizations to assist with event recycling. Complete the Portable Recycling Unit – Loan Program Application/Agreement Form as far in advance of the event as possible and email it to [email protected].

Servware Guide for Event Vendors

How to Reduce Event Waste