Cyclovia Encinitas Virtual 2021 – We Keep Rollin’!

Just like the inaugural live event held in 2020, it remains the City’s goal to put on an energetic, educational community celebration promoting healthy, active lifestyles, and self-powered transportation in a fun, but virtual way rolling all the way through 2021.

Virtual Cyclovia Encinitas kicked off on Sunday, January 17, with the launch of the first wave of social media content and this webpage, loaded with interactive media, materials and resources categorized below (click category to drop down).

Just For Fun
Health and Safety
Education and Advocacy
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Bikes Mean Business
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Following the January kickoff, the City of Encinitas will continue to roll out fun, informative, and engaging content online, here on this page, and via social media (Facebook, Instagram, Nextdoor, Twitter) with the goal of also offering limited live/in-person features as much as possible throughout 2021 as County Health Orders allow.

Note: this webpage features content sourced from third-party organizations (not connected to the City of Encinitas).  The City of Encinitas does not endorse or receive funds to advertise any of the third-party sites or services listed or referenced on this page.

Just for Fun

Submit Your Best Message Board Phrase – Have you seen the clever phrases on our traffic message boards along Coast Highway 101 which promote safe cycling and etiquite while sharing the roadways?  We'd love to read your best ideas to keep it safe and fun on the 101.  Submit your own phrase below for us to consider using in the future.  If selected, we'll contact you so you can be sure to go by bike and grab a pic!  Phrase submittals must be no more than 35 characters total, split between two consecutive sign boards (example “Keep speeds low" – “Keep Leucadia funky”) - click here to submit yours. 


Let’s Ride Bikes Coloring Book - Read-along coloring book about bicycle safety.  Click here to download a pdf version of the coloring book for you to print and color at home.  



Bike Jeopardy Game - Here's a great activity for families and teachers alike.  Just like the famous TV game, only bike-centric! Includes instructions for presentation-style display. Grab your group and use this interactive presentation to put your bike knowlege to the test.  Click on over to Bike NYC for the game here.


Ride Resolutions!  - This January, the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition's "Love to Ride" program invites you to join #RideResolutions and set goals to keep riding through 2021. No matter how big or small, a goal can help you ride your bike further and more often. Set a goal and enjoy all the mental and physical health benefits of travelling by two wheels!  Whether you want to ride to burn off 5 chocolate bars, go for 100 rides in 2021 or save 200lbs of carbon, you can set and share your goals right now.  Click here to put your goals in motion.



Health and Safety


Top 10 Stretches for Cyclists - Stretching can be just as important as the ride, so take a few minutes after every ride to stretch those muscles.



Helmet Fitting and Safety Standards –  Head injuries are by far the greatest risk to bicyclists, making up one-third of emergency department visits, two-thirds of hospital admissions and three-fourths of deaths. A helmet can decrease the severity of a brain injury and even save your life.  Learn more here and check back for a helmet fitting video provided by AMR Ambulance in the near future!






FREE "City Cycling" Classes Now in Encinitas!  – Get ready to ride confidently in a city environment! In this class we cover general bike safety, emergency maneuver skills, legal rights and responsibilities. It’s perfect for beginners, and equally valuable for experienced cyclists that want to brush up on road rules.

City Cycling is a 3-hour in person class. This class includes a 45-minute lecture, followed by 2 hours of skills drills and road riding. The road riding portion of this class is about a 4-mile guided bike ride and we take frequent stops to discuss bike infrastructure and riding skills. Class sizes are limited so register now!

Before the class: You will need a bicycle for this class. Electric bicycles are welcome. Make sure your bike is in good working order and ready to ride! Helmets are required and we can provide free helmets by request. This is not a "learn-to-ride" class.

Find information and sign up here.


Beginner Mistakes and How to Avoid Them - Here's a handy guide to avoiding 9 common beginner mistakes from Cycling Weekly online.



Bike Maintenance for Bike Safety - It's important to do an "ABC" quick check on your bicycle to ensure that it is safe before every ride. This video from the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition will teach you how to check your bike and diagnose problems that need to be addressed before you take a spin.



Check back, there's much more to come!


Education and Advocacy

It’s the Law! – People riding bikes on public streets have the same rights and responsibilities as automobile drivers and are thus subject to the same rules and regulations.  The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition website provides plenty of information to learn more about California Vehicle Code (CVC) basics, use of traffic lanes, required bicycle lights, where you can and can't ride (including guidelines for e-bike classifications), signalling and making turns and links to additional resources.  Click here.


Sharrows, Bike Lanes and Paths, so much to know! -  There's a lot to know about bicyle infrastructure for getting around town on a bike.  Check out this "Choose the Correct Lane" video provided by the San Diego Councy Bicycle Coalition.



Share the Road! - Unless otherwise posted, bike riders have the same rights and responsibilities on public roads as car drivers.  Watch this video from the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition to learn about what it means to "share the road." Following the rules of the road makes travel safer for everyone.



See, Click, Fix! - Did you know that the City of Encinitas has a great tool for reporting non-emergency issues to the City, such as potholes, poor street conditions or other hazards for cyclists?  Check out this handy tool online and you can also download "See, Click, Fix" as a mobile app which will give you the ability to report a problem on-the-go. Click here


E-Bikes - E-bike popularity is booming.  It’s important to know that people riding e-bikes on the roadways and in public places are subject to the same rules and responsibilities as motor vehicle users.  Visit the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition e-bike specific webpage to learn about e-bike classifications, California Vehicle Code (CVC) laws relating to bikes and more. Click here


Riding to 2050, the San Diego Regional Bike Plan - The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) San Diego Regional Bike Plan was adopted to provide a regional strategy to make riding a bike a useful form of transportation for everyday travel. Additionally, implementation of the bike plan will help the San Diego region meet its goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve mobility. It also provides benefits to public health by encouraging more people to adopt a physically active mode of transportation for at least some of their trips.



Maps, Routes and Resources

iCommute SD Interactive San Diego Regional Bike Map - With more than 1,570 miles of bikeways in the San Diego region, riding a bike can get people where they want to go – to work, school, transit stations, and more. The interactive San Diego Regional Bike Map features base maps that show street, imagery or topographic views, as well as layers to highlight rail lines and steep routes. This free resource is produced by SANDAG and includes the latest updates to bikeways in the San Diego region and bike parking facilities. Use the bike map to plan your ride today! Click here


Bike Routes in Encinitas - Have a look at a pdf map created to show you available bike routes, paths and lanes by category in Encinitas.  Click here


Map Apps! - There are a ton of great mobile and web apps that make getting around easy, such as Komoot, MapMyRide, and Strava, but check back soon for more user tricks and tips.  



Check back, there's much more to come!


Bikes Mean Business

Go-By-Bike Encinitas Passport – In 2021 the City of Encinitas will roll out a fun program which willl bring you ways to have fun AND save money while supporting participating Encinitas businesses.  Look for more news in Spring 2021, and in the meantime make a point to patronize local businesses by bike!


The Economic Impact of Bicycles in Communities - Check out these articles to read about how bike events, bike access, and bike gathering spaces can improve business and have positive impacts in communities - becoming a bike friendly business, The Economic Impacts of Bicycle Infrastructure


Check back, there's much more to come!

Sponsors and Partners

Special thanks to Cyclovia Encinitas' many terrific partner organizations and sponsors for their content, programs and support.  Click the links below to learn more and to get involved.

AMR Ambulance

Cardiff 101

City of Encinitas Environmental Commision

City of Encinitas Parks and Recreation Commission

City of Encinitas Traffic and Public Safety Commission

Circulate San Diego

Encinitas 101


Encinitas Chamber of Commerce

Leucadia 101

North County Transit District


San Diego County Bicycle Coalition

San Diego County Library - Encinitas Branch

San Diego County Sheriffs Department