The Homeless Action Plan was adopted by City Council on February 24, 2021.


On October 23, 2019, City Council directed staff to develop the Request for Proposals (RFP) for development of a Homeless Action Plan. On December 18, 2019, City Council approved the contract with LeSar Development Consultants (LeSar) to complete the Homeless Action Plan.

The major components of the scope of work include:

  • An analysis of homeless community in Encinitas which will include the demographics of the current homeless population and its needs;
  • Identification and evaluation of current efforts and resources to address homelessness by the City and other non-profit organizations within the City and region;
  • Review of best practices from the region and nationally;
  • Community outreach component that will include three public forums and interviews/focus groups meetings with homeless services providers, city staff, city council, and individuals currently experiencing or have experienced homelessness; and
  • Development of an Action Plan that will include goals, implementable strategies, measurable outcomes, identification of potential partners, and funding opportunities.

Why do we need a Homeless Action Plan?

  • The City of Encinitas currently funds or participates in a variety of programs to assist individuals experiencing homelessness. The purpose of the City of Encinitas Homeless Action Plan is to:
  • Understand current homeless population needs;
  • Identify, develop and improve homeless services and partnerships;
  • Assess the City’s current efforts to address homelessness and provide recommendations to ensure that the City is maximizing its resources and impact within the community; and
  • Assist in setting goals and actions to ensure that the City of Encinitas continues to move toward its goal of reducing homelessness. 

Community Working Group

The City’s Homeless Action Plan (HAP) outlines various types of actions to increase our efforts in providing services and housing opportunities for those facing homelessness. Within the HAP, Goal 1, Action 3, it identifies the creation of a community working group. The main objective of the community work group will be to develop action items identifying community engagement opportunities, creation of multi-media outreach materials, and Homeless Action Plan updates. The Community Work Group was established in the Fall of 2021 and includes representation from the local nonprofit sector, healthcare, business, and community residents. Purpose

Meeting Agenda and Notes October 27, 2021
Meeting Agenda and Notes January 28, 2022
Meeting Agenda and Notes May 20, 2022
Meeting Agenda and Notes August 26, 2022
Meeting November 18, 2022 Cancelled and will be rescheduled